Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peters Canyon Forest Restoration

Hello fellow SRC Recyclers and readers!
The season of giving thanks is approaching! SRC gives thanks to our valuable things on earth... by planting trees (and natural vegetation)! This Sunday morning at 7 a.m., our group traveled to Peters Canyon Regional Park in North Tustin, California to restore the forest to its natural habitat. The land (of 340 acres) was very dry and barren when we got there with some little green sprouts popping in the ground.

 Our friendly forest ranger taught us step-by-step how to properly plant trees.

Dig a hole of about 2 feet

Remove the plant from the pot
Place the plant in the ground
Add couple liters of water and flatten it with loose soil

Protect the plants (from hungry animals)

It may sound simple, but it is actually more strenuous when you do it, especially in the growing heat from the sun. The ground contained really hard sediments of clay and rocks. The soil was so hard that we had to crack them down numerous times with a large, thick wood. That did not stop SRC and volunteers, and we persevere with our forest planting until every plant has its spot and will grow into a beautiful forest.

Many volunteers hard at work

Soomin Woo and Suela Kong working together

Sky Pham digging a place for the baby tree

Great job SRC!!

Baby trees and plants are scattered and thriving in the crushed soil but are in dire need of water. So we went in the barren lands and quench the thirst of over 70 plants. SRC was hard at work trekking back and forth from the water truck to nourish the plants. With a great workout comes even greater benefits, which is to make the trees and plants grow in their natural ecosystem to give shade, absorb toxins in the air, and give more animals a happy and comforting home.

A tiny lizard we found climbing on a young tree